The Payments OS for
the Insurance Industry

SimplePin is an intelligent payments platform that deeply optimizes financial processes within existing environments to meet the needs of insurance operators.

One Platform For All Your Payments

Bank to bank transfers, credit cards and debit card payments with a public API for seamless integration with your system(s).

API Developer Center

SimpleAPI is the simplest way to connect your existing accounting and business management software with the most advanced A/R platform in North America. Conduct your business as usual, achieving more.

Focus On Things That Matter Most For Your Business

SimplePin enables companies to leverage their existing investment in their accounting and business management systems to improve cash flow, reduce costs, and simplify reconciliation while offering flexibility in payment choices.


The easiest way to integrate with your existing system.


Payments straight from your invoice through MasterCard, VISA and AMEX credit and debit cards.


Bank to Bank transfers directly from electronic invoices.


50+ alternative payment options available to maximize your accounts receivable.

Optional Transaction Fees

You decide whether to cover transaction fees, charge them to the payor, or split them 50/50.

Faster And More Effective

SimplePin embeds a convenient “pay now” button in your invoice, taking your customer to a pre-filled payment form. Enter card or bank information, click load and pay, and it’s done.

Optimized For All Devices

SimplePin is optimized to work beautifully on smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Invoice, pay and reconcile from anywhere.

Consolidated Payments

SimpleEFT, credit and debit cards + 50 other online payment solutions join seamlessly in a single platform to maximize your accounts receivable.

Recurring Payments

SimplePin allows businesses to collect payments on a recurring basis, automatically sending a receipt and transaction invoice for every payment.


Our dynamic scheduling system allows businesses to pre-schedule and automatically execute payments. Saving you time and effort.

High-level Security

SimplePin’s payment engine is PCI DSS Level 1 certified. We use high-level data encryption, tokenization, and high-security data vaults to protect sensitive data.

Automated Reminders

SimplePin automatically sends billing reminders to your clients with outstanding invoices. Our real-time dashboard keeps you up-to-date on the status of all your payments.

Multi Language and Currency

SimplePin operates in English, French, and Spanish.