Webhook controller

The SimplePin API provides a tool for you to notify your application with real-time data. Whenever your customer is paying the invoice or that the customer information is updated in SimplePin's database, we'll notify you about this event. 

Since SimplePin is connected to external payment solutions, we developed an event-agnostic mechanism that would allow us to notify you every time that an invoice is create or updated. It can also notify you on when the payment is completed and whether a refund was initiated by a customer. Only after you've configured the Webhook URL, you should receive such notifications from our server.

Based on different types of event notifications, we will sent you different messages which you can parse and attach specific business logic. In case you are interested in historical reports, this information could be retrieved from the system.

These articles give you more information on how to handle the webhook
API call
Explanation of the webhook document format.
Detailed list of webhook event codes and code descriptions.
API call to retrieve historical information of events for a particular company.