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Simplepin attends RCCAQ tradeshow
The team behind Simplepin attended a large number of insurance trade fairs this year. One of the shows that we attended recently was the RCCAQ Convention, held annually in Montreal, Quebec. From the discussions and talks held, we garnered a great deal of useful information from our existing clientele and prospective partners.
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IBAO 2018 Niagara conference takeaways
SimplePin attended the IBAO Convention 2018 at Niagara Falls 10 days ago. We were honoured to share breakfast with our partners and tradeshow attendees on Thursday morning. The SimplePin team learned a lot about the challenges facing the insurance businesses today.
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PCI safety and fraud prevention
Credit Card fraud remains big business, unfortunately. It is important for companies and employees to understand and prevent damaging situations from occurring, as the repercussions of a data breach can spell disaster for the future of companies. The PCI DSS standard was created with this in mind.
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Receive invoices and bill payments faster than ever? We’ll show you how
Most payment and invoicing companies use a “portal based” solution. Customers must visit a website, enter a username and password - which they received sometime - and if you’re lucky, can remember. We’re all familiar with this process and it’s frustrating when you’re getting ready to do something online and then have to ask yourself where those login details are, and finally give up.
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SimplePin launches advanced Billing and integrated Payments Platform
SimplePin team completed development and launched advanced processing and payments engine which offers real-time invoicing, reconciliation and data analytics, ensuring that users are always in full control and well informed.
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SimplePin makes Credit and Debit Card acceptance affordable
SimplePin makes Credit and Debit Card acceptance affordable for Insurers, Brokers and all other companies that send their customers invoices. Introducing SimplePin’s - Pass-On Program. The high cost of (Credit) Card acceptance has led many companies to disregard this payment method as a useful source of invoice payment. This has changed with the introduction of SimplePin.
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