How to create a customer with SimplePin

Before sending an invoice, you must first create a customer. In order to create a customer:

  • Click on the menu item 'Customers' located on the panel on the left side of your screen.
  • Select Add and you'll be presented with the customer creation form.

When you create a customer in SimplePin, make sure that it is exactly the same as it is in your internal accounting system, CRM or Broker Management System. This will make it easier for you to reconcile data between the two systems.

Also, if you're planning to integrate your system with SimplePin in the future, please specify the Customer ID (the unique code of the customer in your system).

If a customer has a billing address that's different from the main address, check the box next to "Use different billing address" to change it.

Click on the Add button and your customer will show up in your customers tab in the left pane.

If you made a mistake entering the customer's details? No problem!

Click on the update customer tab in the left pane to change his/her details accordingly.

There are different ways to add your customers to SimplePin's database:

  1. Add a new customer through the customer search box in add of the invoices menu.
  2. Add a large number of customers by importing them from the Excel document

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