How to enable pre-authorized payments using SimplePin

Have you received an invoice from a trusted company that was using SimplePin? While you can always make individual payments quickly and easily, you can save even more time by setting up pre-authorized payments for future invoices.

If you enable this option, you'll receive a payment confirmation every time that you make an automated payment, without having to interact with the payment form. Note, that you are always in control of your payment options and can disable the preauthorization at any time. 

For payment using credit cards, check the boxes next to “Save credit card on profile” and “Allow pre-authorized”.

If you are paying from a bank account, sign the pre-authorized debit agreement.

Note that due to different charges for credit card and bank account payments, we ask you to set only one default payment method.

If you need to withdraw your consent for preauthorized charges, go to the main menu > Payment methods

  1. Credit card. Uncheck the Preauthorized checkbox.
  2. Bank account. Uncheck the Preauthorized checkbox.

Finally, when your credit card expires periodically you'll need to update it on the system to continue paying for invoices. You'll receive a notification when an invoice is issued to you if your card expired.

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