How to make your customers happy (to remain your client)

Studies have shown that 90% of customers who are unhappy, are very unlikely to stay with, or come back to a service they consider below par. This makes perfect sense for all of us. If a service doesn’t live up to our standards, we take our business elsewhere.

Customers have come to expect the ability to interact Online with Brokers and Agencies; by, for example, being able to pay their bills, view invoices and messages, or interact with companies, using their mobile devices like iPads, iPhones and Android technology. Additionally, existing customers are becoming increasingly tech savvy, while in the near future, new clients will consist of young people, millennials, who are 100% Tech Native!

These new clients will expect nothing less than a full suite of mobile ready technology, available at their fingertips.

The Insurance Industry is facing change: The Digital Transformation is well and truly underway and affecting us all. Mobile technology is already playing a huge part in customer satisfaction in most industries, but, according to our reports, there are currently not enough adequate technological solutions available, for the Insurance and Broker business.

During the IBAO 2018 conference last month, many of the attendees who we spoke with, told us of the need for improving customer satisfaction/retention, as well as the need for having these new and essential tools available quickly, in order to achieve that goal.

Basically, the changes have to come sooner rather than later, because clients are simply expecting more from their Insurers, Brokers and Agencies, than ever before.
This is especially true when it comes to Mobile & Online Customer Support, Mobile ready Technologies and capabilities.

SimplePin is addressing the needs of the Insurance Industry by building what is required in order to change.


Our software is mobile friendly and easy to use for you and your customers. Perhaps most importantly: it is easy to implement! No difficult, time consuming integrations are required. We have done the groundwork, so that you and your customers don’t have to.

Clients receive their invoices via email which includes a link with which they can access their own personal page (which stores payment details, tokenized, securely) and simply pay their bills; right there and then. Whenever you send a new invoice, the stored details can be used to pay, simply and securely.

SimplePin’s Invoicing, Billing and Payments Platform is accessible via your web-browser. This means you can use it on your Desktop, Laptop, Mobile phone and/or Tablet, wherever you are.
The same goes for your clients! They can login wherever, whenever in order to pay their bills via an easy to understand interface. Both you and your clients can review the status of all Payments and Invoices. Even the latest Settlement and Financial reports are available at the tips of your fingers. Our platform comes with an intuitive user interface from which you can access all data.

Get in touch today and take the next step in customer satisfaction.

For more information please contact us via toll-free phone 1 800 727-4136, web-form or simply create your free account with SimplePin today.