How to pay an invoice with multiple payment options

The SimplePin platform allows companies to create invoices with multiple payment options so that you, as a customer can choose the most convenient payment schedule.

For example, your invoice might include options to pay in full in 1 instalment, or split the full amount into 3 or 12 equal monthly payments. These multiple payment options may also come with options to pay ahead of schedule (or even provide a discount for paying the balance ahead of schedule). Note that for multiple instalments and long-term payment plans, the company issue the invoice may choose to apply an interest rate for the convenience.

Once you've selected a payment plan and paid your first instalment, you're done! The remaining charges will be drawn from your credit card or bank account automatically on the schedule you've chosen.

Here, we'll show you how to pay an invoice with multiple payment plan options:

Open the invoice that you received from the issuing company.

Click on the 'pay invoice' button.

Activate your account by creating an 8 digit password (you'll only have to do this once).

You'll be presented with a payment form with multiple options: pay in 1 instalment, 3 instalments or 12 instalments.

Let's say that you selected 3 instalments. As you can see, you are then presented with a payment schedule where you can pay your first instalment.

Pay your first instalment with your preferred payment method.

You will see a payment confirmation for 1 out of 3 instalments. Then you will receive a payment confirmation email.

No further action is required on your part. The 2nd and 3rd instalments will be applied to your credit card or bank account automatically.  

If you later decide to pay the next instalment ahead of schedule, you can do so easily by:

  1. Clicking on Home in the left menu. You will see an outstanding invoice in the list.
  2. Select the invoice and click on the 'pay invoice' button.
  3. Pay for the next instalment or pay the entire remaining balance.

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