How to pay an invoice with a one-time payment using SimplePin

If you've received a SimplePin invoice by email, you can pay it by following the payment link embedded in the email.

If the invoice is sent via SimplePin, then the payment link will appear in the body of the email along with the invoice's details. If the company invoiced you directly, follow these steps to pay it:

  1. Click on the payment link
  2. If you don't have an account with SimplePin, we will ask you to create a password to access the payment interface. This step will be skipped if you've already created a password.
  3. Make sure that your address and name are both valid. Also make sure that you recognize the company issuing the invoice and the payment amount specified.

You can now pay your invoice by one of two separate payment methods.

  • Credit or debit card. If you would like to pay by credit or debit card, simply put in your credit card information and decide whether you want to save it for future use. You can also choose to enable pre-authorized payments from this card in order to save time in the future. 
    • Click on pay and you're done!
  • Bank transfer. You can also pay online through your bank by selecting the bank account option.
    • Select your bank
    • Login with your username and password
    • Select an account in the list of presented accounts
    • Note that the system will prevent you from paying the invoice if you lack sufficient funds.
    • Agree to the terms of the Pre-authorized Deposit Agreement.
    • Click on pay and you’re done!

When the payment is complete, you can download a PDF copy of the invoice along with the transaction fee receipt from the payment confirmation page.

In order to see the history of previously paid invoices, click on the left menu and select Home.

Notes on transaction status:

Credit/debit cards. When you pay your invoice using a debit or credit card, the transaction is processed almost instantly and the transaction status is given to you right away. 

Bank account. When paying using the bank account method, the bank will first validate a payment request in an asynchronous way. In case of an error (e.g. non-sufficient funds, wrong name on the account etc.), the bank will send a notice back to SimplePin. SimplePin will then revert the invoice status from PAID to SENT. Both you and the company issuing the invoice will receive a notification by email. We usually recommend that you address the issue with your bank, or simply use an alternative bank or payment method.

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