How to set up your company account with SimplePin

Ready to create an account with SimplePin? Let us walk you through the process.

Visit the link https://simplepin.com/company/sign-up or simply go to simplepin.com and click on the CREATE ACCOUNT button.

Step 1. Email and password

When you create your account with SimplePin, you become the default owner with all of the privileges. Please make sure you have your email client open as we will be sending you emails to validate your account. We will also be sending you some information regarding financial transactions.

Enter your email address and a unique, secure password of at least 8 characters long.   

If you already have an account with SimplePin, please select the "Sign In" button to access it.

Step 2. Your company information

This part of the account creation process requires you to provide SimplePin with information about your company. 

Your company address, phone number, and email will be reflected on the invoices sent to your customers.

The billing descriptor will appear on your customers' credit card statements in the format SPIN/Your-billing-descriptor.

Click NEXT.

Step 3. Configure deposit option for withdrawing funds

Next, you'll configure your bank account settings for withdrawing the accumulated funds when your customers decide to pay their invoices. SimplePin deposits funds into your bank account using EFT or ACH.

There are two ways to configure your bank account: instant validation or by using a void check.


By connecting to your bank with the INSTANT account setup. Your bank account will be validated immediately and you will be able to send invoices to your customers in order to collect their payments right away.

  1. You will be presented with a list of banks to choose from. This is where SimplePin will send your funds.
  2. Check the box next to the last 4 digits of your bank account number.
  3. Sign the Pre-Authorized Deposit (PAD) agreement for your acknowledgement and signature. This step is necessary to ensure that we comply with government regulations.

Void check

Alternatively, you can provide a void check so that we manually validate your account. If you choose this option, we will configure your account information during regular business hours. Once the configuration is complete, you will be presented with a Pre-Authorized Deposit agreement for your acknowledgement and signature.

Deposit schedule

The deposit schedule specifies how often you'll withdraw funds from your SimplePin account and deposit them back into your bank account.

You can either set recurring DAILY / WEEKLY / MONTHLY options or even request funds on demand by using the MANUAL feature. 

If you have a lot of transactions, we recommend selecting the DAILY option to make the funds transfer process run as smoothly as possible.


If your company collects federal and provincial taxes, please select this option. This allows you to specify any taxes to include on your invoices.

If you do not collect taxes, then choose the 2nd option.

All done? Click on Complete.

Congratulations! You've just registered your account with SimplePin and now have access to your dashboard.

Before sending your first invoice, we need a few things configured and confirmed:

  1. Your email address. Check your email inbox and find the SimplePin activation link that we just sent you. Click on the link and validate your email address.
  2. Your company logo. When you send invoices, your customers will be presented with payment interfaces and several documents branded with your logo. Go to Settings > Visual in order to upload your logo. If you'd like to customize the colour theme of your SimplePin dashboard to reflect your brand, you can do it here as well.
  3. Your avatar. To upload your personal avatar, go to Settings > Users > Edit your records and upload a picture.
  4. Your taxation settings. We need you to confirm the tax settings you've configured in the previous step. Go to Settings > Taxes. Check the box to acknowledge these tax settings and click on the update button to confirm.

Your account is now fully configured and you are ready to create your first customer.

Want to know more about SimplePin? Call our toll free number: 1 800 727-4136. You can also email us at info@simplepin.com, or contact us through our website at simplepin.com/contact-us or request a demo with one of our product specialists.

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