Innovation - Logiciels Deltek Integrates SimplePin into ISI+

The integration of SimplePin into the property and casualty insurance broker management system ISI+ is aimed at simplifying accounts receivable management. SimplePin enables brokers to streamline premium collection and speed up premium payments. 

Now that it is available through ISI+, leveraging it to email an invoice to a customer is just a click away, and the platform also makes it easier for the customer to pay that invoice.

The integration of SimplePin into Deltek’s ISI+ simplifies the whole procedure. After selecting the customer and the insurance policy that has been bought or renewed, the broker creates an invoice showing the amount owing and indicating it can be paid in one single installment or through one of the payment options mentioned. He then selects SimplePin as the payment method and clicks on “OK” to have the email forwarding the invoice to the customer produced and sent out. 

Upon receipt of the email, the customer reviews the invoice details and the costs involved. He then has the option to settle the invoice directly by clicking on “Pay Now”, completing the pre-filled payment form that is displayed and using a credit card or electronic funds transfer (EFT) to make the payment.

Benefits for insurance brokers:

  • Time and cost savings as a result of SimplePin’s efficient integration into ISI+ and simplicity of use 
  • Automatic email reminders to customers for overdue payments 
  • Shorter waiting time for premium payments as a result of the payment terms offered to customers 
  • No duplicate data entry required to ensure SimplePin runs properly within Deltek’s ISI+

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