Payments and cash flow: A priority for survival!

The P&C insurance industry, among many others, is getting ready to face an unprecedented period of economic turbulence caused by the current global health crisis. Insurers, banners, brokers, associations and other industry players are in crisis management mode. All of them, without exception, had to change their processes and their organizational situation; viva telework!
Several challenges and reflections are coming from all sides: how will the payment ability of policyholders evolve, how to maintain the same level of customer service, how will my business grow or simply how to ensure its survival, etc.
A new reality that will soon strike us with full force: how to maintain sufficient cash flow in this crisis period, for a duration that remains unknown at the moment? The economic impact on everyone who is depending on taking cash or check’s is significant.
What are the alternatives?

SimplePin is your trusted Canadian partner dedicated to P&C insurance to help you overcome this unprecedented crisis. We are the most forward-thinking leader in digital insurance payments and account receivables automation.

SimplePin decided to offer their services with a free-sign-up and no-monthly fees for 12 months for qualifying insurance businesses. It takes 5 minutes to sign-up and start re-sending invoices digitally or with a payment button in your documents to your clients. Clients can pay conveniently with their VISA, MasterCard debit/credit cards, ApplePay and SimpleEFT pay easy and directly via online banking, without leaving their homes. Your funds will be available as fast as next day.

You will be able to follow the payment status in real time and our automatic notifications will go a long way to free up precious time for your key people. All of these measures will greatly assist you in maintaining sound management of your financial and human resources!
What was possible yesterday is no longer today.

Times are changing, faster than expected.

Plan for the post-crisis today.
SimplePin stands with you by your side, from coast to coast!