SimplePin adds support for one-click payments with ApplePay

The SimplePin platform has become even more convenient. We now support ApplePay for easy, one-click payments.

ApplePay is a payments service that is integrated into Apple’s devices. ApplePay works similarly to a chip-based credit or debit card for in-store tap-to-pay terminals. 

Customers can also use ApplePay to pay online in participating applications, such as SimplePin, that have adopted the ApplePay API. Using ApplePay bypasses all of the steps that are usually required when making an online purchase, including entering card number, expiry date and billing address details.

Here’s how ApplePay works in SimplePin:

  • Start by sending an electronic invoice to your customer using SimplePin’s e-invoicing tools. 
  • Your customer follows the link in the emailed invoice and activates their account which displays the payment form containing an ApplePay button. 
  • Click the side button of your iPhone and the payment is completed.

With SimplePin’s ApplePay integration, payments become even more convenient and frictionless, while maintaining a high level of security for your customer.

For more information on ApplePay in SimplePin or to get a demo of how SimplePin can transform accounts receivable in your business, contact us. Call our toll free number: 1 800 727-4136. You can also email us at info@simplepin.com, or contact us through our website at simplepin.com/contact-us or request a demo with one of our product specialists.