SimplePin makes Credit and Debit Card acceptance affordable

SimplePin makes Credit and Debit Card acceptance affordable for Insurers, Brokers and all other companies that send their customers invoices. Introducing SimplePin’s - Pass-On Program.

The high cost of (Credit) Card acceptance has led many companies to disregard this payment method as a useful source of invoice payment. 

This has changed with the introduction of SimplePin.

SimplePin offers a “one-stop-shop”, fully automated online Billing and Invoicing tool. The unique software package even incorporates a fully integrated Payment platform. 

This means that companies no longer have to go through the laborious process of setting up multiple Merchant Accounts, complete time-consuming KYC procedures and integrate various costly technical software packages. 

Instead, SimplePin’s single Invoicing/Billing/Payments platform, allows companies and Back-Offices to focus on their core activities.
In fact, our Billing/Invoicing/Reminder solution, includes a combined Settlement, Taxation and  Reconciliation feature, which greatly reduces Back-Office manual workload and turnaround times; significantly reducing employee workload – Guaranteed.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of SimplePin’s complete solution, which we briefly touched on above, is our Pass-On Program – Enabling our users to pass-on / forward the cost of processing (Credit) Card transactions, to the end consumer. 

This unique approach, sharing cost, makes the price of processing transactions an attractive and worthwhile proposition.
By accepting Card Payments, companies no longer have to rely on slow and unreliable cheque processing. Transactions are confirmed instantaneously, meaning companies are always in the know.

We understand it may not always be preferable to pass-on / forward the fees and so we offer the option for users to share the fees with their end-consumer. Of course, it is also possible for companies to bear the cost of processing (Credit) Card fees, if they so desire.

These options are all included in the singular SimplePin solution.

Find out more about what SimplePin can mean for your company by contacting the Sales Team today sales@simplepin.com