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Payments and cash flow: A priority for survival!
Read this article to learn how the COVID-19 is affecting the P&C industry and what SimplePin can do to help you overcome this unprecedented crisis.
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Improve Cash Flow by Reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
No matter what business you are in, every organization needs cash flow to cover day-to-day costs, pay staff, or settle loans. So, getting paid on time and managing your cash flow is key to growing a successful business. In a perfect world, every business would collect payment for their receivables faster than they have to pay their payables. As this is often easier said than done, there are some strategies your business can deploy to help navigate and improve cash flow.
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Insurance Brokers: Simplify Payments for a Better Customer Experience
I recently purchased business insurance and was struck by how inconvenient the process was – particularly when it came to paying the premium. Let me explain.
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SimplePin adds support for one-click payments with ApplePay
The SimplePin platform has become even more convenient. We now support ApplePay for easy, one-click payments.
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How to optimize your insurance business for the Millennial customer
Millennials need insurance just like everybody else, but they have higher expectations for convenience, flexibility, and a seamless user experience. SimplePin makes it easy to attract and keep these valuable clients.
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Innovation - Logiciels Deltek Integrates SimplePin into ISI+
Now that it is available through ISI+, leveraging it to email an invoice to a customer is just a click away, and the platform also makes it easier for the customer to pay that invoice.
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