Privacy Policy

Policy Effective Date: May 1, 2020


We know that keeping your privacy away from the wrong hands means peace of mind for you, and we take that very seriously. That is why we work nonstop to assure that you receive an outstanding service, which includes being clear and honest regarding the use of your personal data.

We made sure that finding our privacy policy had to be as simple as the app itself. That is why you can always find it on our website at or on the mobile app. Need something more one to one? Then do not wait in sending us an email to


We want to assure you that our Privacy Policy will apply only to the information we gather from current and past users of our apps and website, you included. This covers only information that was recollected while you were using SimplePin, and we will only use and share the data of our active and inactive SimplePin users.

We like to use the term “Personal Information” when we are talking about the data that is correlated to a particular user and can be used to identify this person. We do not consider your “Personal Information” to be any info that has been uploaded anonymously and/or added later.


We believe that it is very important to be clear about the data we get from you, this is why we assure you that we only will gather data that is obtained through the use of our website and mobile app. This includes your IP address, login information and geo-location data, websites you’ve reached through SimplePin and the type of web browser used. Unfortunately, we can only offer our services to users that agree with our Privacy Policy and the way we collect this information.

Here is a more detailed account of the information we will collect from you once, and only when you become a SimplePin user.

Account information - Cellphone number, info of your device, and comparable data.

Identification Information - Name, date of birth, address, email and SIN (or any other government issued ID numbers).

Device Information - This includes information about your: 

  • Your mobile device, such as the kind of device it is, hardware or mobile device ID numbers, geo-location coordinates, time zones, language settings, type of browser used, and IP address.
  • Third party information related to transaction processing, identity check, fraud prevention and detection, and alike.  When it comes to preventing fraud, we will associate your machine’s ID with any other one that shares the same payment cards (E.g. Your tablet with your PC).

Social Media Data - This includes, but is not limited to, the credentials used for connecting through Facebook and your email account information. We will only have access to your “Friends” contact information if you are using the Facebook Connect PlugIn.   

We encourage you to import data from other social media services, email providers, etc. This is because Social Media and e-mail contact information can help you connect with your contacts though an advanced platform such as SimplePin, while allowing us to improve our services and battle internet fraud. 

Financial Information - Bank accounts, routing numbers and credit cards that are linked to your SimplePin account, as well as your financial institution’s online login information.  SimplePin does not and will not share any sensitive financial information with third party social media services such as those listed in Social Media Data.

We pledge to provide a safe, secure and great service all around. Therefore, before allowing you to use the SimplePin services, we may ask for additional information from you to verify your identity, this includes your address or other information related to risk management and compliance throughout our relationship. Our team may also obtain data related to you from third parties such as ID verification, fraud deterrence and related services.  We also collect data related to your account transactions, as well as information concerning the device used to log in to the SimplePin services and similar actions. 

There is the possibility that we may gather similar information related to you through unspecified means. For example, data related to your contact with our customer support team or data obtained through surveys.


We feel strong about this, that is why we will never knowingly ask for or collect any information from individuals under the age of 18.


We use Cookies to recognize our customers and to increase their user experience on our platform. Every time you visit our website, use our app and services or employ SimplePin through a third party which uses our online service, we will use Cookies to customize your online experience, measure the success of our promotions, as well as funnel out any irrelevant content and advertising that may not be of your interest. We also use Cookies in a wide range of analytics, e.g. mitigating risk, preventing internet fraud and more importantly, promote trust and safety across our platform and services.

SimplePin Services require the use of Cookies for a complete and simple experience. This is why we recommend not to disable or decline this function, if so then there is a risk that you will have a significantly more limited use of our services.

DNT (Do Not Track) - This is an optional browser setting that allows the user to customize their online footprint for advertisers and other third parties. We do not respond to DNT demands.


We keep your personal information safely stored using third-party servers located in dependable data centers in the US and Canada. Several high level electronic, physical and procedural safeguards will be protecting your information at all times, in accordance to all applicable Canadian and US federal and provincial/state regulations. Internally, we implement physical access controls to and, in our workplace, as well as electronic safeguards (e.g. Firewalls and data encryption) and enforce strict standards with authorized personnel who require your data to do their job.

We will always do more than our best to ensure prominent levels of security in our systems. Yet despite our efforts, we cannot fully guarantee that there could not be any breaches in our systems, and that this personal information be altered, destroyed, accessed or collected. That is why we will always urge you to take adequate precautions with your data, remember never to share your SimplePin password for example.

If the SimplePin team learns about any security breaches in our servers, we could try to inform you electronically, so you can take the necessary protective measures. You agree by using SimplePin’s services, that we may get in contact with you electronically. We may post a warning on the website or mobile app if a breach ever happens. SimplePin may also send you an email to the email address that you have provided us before. Depending on the region you live in, you may be legally entitled to obtain a notice of any security breaches in writing. If you want to receive a free written notice, or want to withdraw your consent from getting any in the future, please email us at


The main reason we gather this information is to provide you with the best user experience possible. We want to create a customizable, smooth, safe, efficient and fun experience. Therefore, we need to allow ourselves to use your personal information to: 

  • Provide all the services and support you need.
  • Notify you about your network activity and transactions.
  • Solve disputes, troubleshoot problems and collect any fees.
  • Prevent fraud, stop beforehand any illegal activities, and enforce our User Agreement.
  • Create account connections between third-party platforms/accounts and your SimplePin one.
  • Improve our content by customizing and personalizing our approach, as well as measuring and refining our services and website layout.
  • Update you about our new products, content and services.
  • Perform all duties required by law, as well as compare information and verify accuracy with third parties.


We need to share some of your personal information to process payments through SimplePin and the person or company that you pay or is paying you. Contact information, sign-up date, number of transactions you have done and other similar verification metrics such as your social graph activity could be provided to companies or users when you do a transaction with, on or through SimplePin. We require to work with sellers to enable them to accept your payments with SimplePin. Doing this allows a seller to share your information with us, like your cellphone number or SimplePin username when purchasing off that seller. 

Nevertheless, we will never disclose your credit card or bank account number to anyone you pay or pays you through SimplePin. The only exception would be with your explicit permission or in the face of a subpoena or other legal procedure.


SimplePin does not share your personal information with third parties for their promotional or marketing purposes.

We could share your personal information with:

In the case of bankruptcy, companies that would plan to merge or acquire SimplePin Inc. would be allowed to access your personal information. Clarifying that we would require that this Privacy Policy be respected in its entirety concerning your data. 

In the case that your personal information is planned to be used in contrast to this policy, we will send you a prior notice and the chance to let us know your preferences, If applicable. 

If SimplePin is compelled to share your information by a subpoena, court order or related legal procedures to the government, law enforcement or other third parties. Only when it is necessary to comply with the law, or when reasonably motives can prevent physical harm or monetary loss. Suspect of illegal activity or the investigation of any violation of the SimplePin User Agreement will also be motives for sharing.

Third party service providers that give a service to you or who supply fraud detection services or equivalent on behalf of the seller.

Other SimplePin users that are involved in the transaction may have access to certain information, depending on the privacy settings of each SimplePin transaction. 

Our Service providers, who are under contract to help us with the proper functioning of SimplePin, this includes as an example, preventing fraud and processing payments. We have all our relevant service providers agree to contracts that dictate seriousness and the exclusive use of your personal information for services related to us and never their own benefit.

With your consent or under your direct request to do so, we may share your information with third parties of your choice, them being account connections with other third-party platforms or accounts.

In relation to this Privacy Policy, the term “account connection” is understood as a connection that you have authorized or enabled between a SimplePin and non-SimplePin account, payment instrument or platform that you legally control or own. When this kind of connection is authorized, SimplePin will exchange your personal and similar information directly. Some examples of account connections are linking your SimplePin account to a social media platform, messaging or financial services, if you were to provide a company with your SimplePin log-in, make a payment or have a merchant charge your SimplePin account. 

Let’s say you want to connect your SimplePin account to another financial account, through a third-party or directly, we may access your account information and/or transactions. If you decide to create an account connection, we may be able to use your information obtained from third-party services. A clear example of this would be that you decide to connect your SimplePin account with a social media platform, when this happens we will receive your personal information from the other company and use it only in a way consistent with this privacy policy.

Any information that we ever share with a third-party company will be paired with an account connection and the information may be disclosed in accordance with the other party’s privacy practices.  We highly recommend that before authorizing any account connections, review the third party’s privacy notice to know how they will get access to your personal information. A good example is sharing your information with a social media platform that you have linked with SimplePin, there is a chance that the third party may share your information with the general public, this really depends on the privacy practices of the third-party platform or account you are using.

We do not send your personal information to any third-party platforms, unless we have an explicit authorization from your part to do so. When you decide to share your information with these type of social media platforms, we no longer in SimplePin have any control of your information and it becomes the responsibility of the third party using it.


You can update, change or edit your personal information in the account settings section whenever you log into your account. Please note, certain information is not available for update, in order to do so please send us request using contract us form.


SimplePin’s website or mobile app may have links to other third-party websites. We can not control the information collected by these third-parties that are reached this way. We encourage our users to be aware of this when they leave our site by reading any other privacy policies that a third-party will use to collect your information.


SimplePin is in constant the constant search of improvement, as our services evolve we may on occasion update our current privacy policy. If we modify this policy, we will upload the revised policy to our website. We will also refresh the "last updated date" stated above. 

As stated before, If we make significant or substantial changes in the way we use your personal information, we will let you know by posting a notice on our mobile app, website or e-mail. It is in your best interest to periodically review this privacy policy. Once these changes are done, users are bound to the updated privacy policy if they are still to use SimplePin’s services. 


Whatever your enquiries are regarding this privacy policy, or if you have any feedback you would like to share with us, please send us an email to

Consumer Privacy Notice

SimplePin is a service provided by SimplePin Inc. ("SimplePin")



What do we do?

It really depends on the product or service you have with us. We may use your Social Insurance Number as well as account balances, payment history and credit scores. If you decide to no longer use our services, we may still use your information as described in this notice.

Why do we do it?

As long as a financial institution decides how to share your personal information, there are many federal and provincial laws that give consumers the right to limit some information but not limit all sharing. Federal laws also require us to let you know about any personal information we collect, share and protect for you. That is why it is important to carefully read this notice to fully understand what we do.

How we do it?

Every financial institution needs to share its customer’s personal information to run their day to day business. In the following section, we will list some of the reasons a financial institution would share its customer’s personal information, the motives that makes SimplePin choose what to share and if you can or cannot limit this sharing.


Limited to SimplePin sharing only.

  • Our day to day business. Processing transactions, giving maintenance to you account(s), respond to legal investigations, subpoenas or to make a report to the credit bureaus. 
  • Marketing purposes. So that we can offer you a better experience with our products and services. We may also participate in joint marketing campaigns with other financial institutions.
  • User’s everyday business goals. We share basic information related to your transactions and experiences. 

Limited to neither SimplePin or user sharing.

  • User’s everyday business goals. We do not share any data related to your credit score.
  • Marketing done by affiliates and nonaffiliates alike.


  • This privacy policy is supplied by SimplePin, a service created by SimplePin In. in relation to its allocation with SimplePin. This applies to your personal SimplePin account(s).


  • We use the highest security measures that comply with provincial and federal law, to protect you from breaches from unauthorized users. We use systems like secured files, computer safeguards and sophisticated physical barriers.


  • We gather your personal information whenever you open an account or provide us with such data, link your credit card to your account, give us contact info, make a transaction using the platform, and information shared by credit bureaus, third-party companies and affiliates.


  • In accordance to Federal and Provincial Law, we are only allowed to share your information with affiliates that need it for the proper functioning of their services or obtaining your credit score, and never to nonaffiliates that want to market to you.

Provincial laws and individual companies may offer you additional rights when it comes to sharing your data.



Companies that are related to common ownership or control. They may be in the financial or non-financial sector.


Companies that are not related to us by shared ownership or control. These may also be financial and nonfinancial institutions.  An example of nonaffiliates with who we share personal information include service providers that grant services on our behalf.

Joint Marketing

This is a formal agreement done between a nonaffiliated financial institution, where together they market financial services and products.


We may send your information to other international locations, so that we may offer you a better customer service or support in certain transactions.