Receive invoices and bill payments faster than ever? We’ll show you how

Most payment and invoicing companies use a “portal based” solution. Customers must visit a website, enter a username and password - which they received sometime - and if you’re lucky, can remember.  We’re all familiar with this process and it’s frustrating when you’re getting ready to do something online and then have to ask yourself where those login details are, and finally give up. 

SimplePin’s direct billing software, eliminates the use of portal-based logins.

Instead, we offer customers the ability to pay their invoice immediately.

Our automated billing and invoicing system sends customers an invoice email, containing a unique payment link. The link directs to SimplePin’s secure platform, where customers can pay their invoice, in a few easy steps.

What’s more, the link in the email doesn’t expire until the invoice has been paid, which means customers can pay at their own convenience. 

SimplePin sends an automated reminder email, should customers take longer than expected to pay their invoice. You can determine the length of time between reminders and how many to send. 

By automating this process, you’ll no longer have to spend time following up on outstanding invoices. SimplePin takes care of the entire payment process, from start to finish.

SimplePin’s integrated Payment platform also offers a 2 factor Recurring Billing solution. 

  1. Customers can safely store their Card details on our secure, PCI compliant servers.
  2. Scheduled and automated distribution of invoices, mean that you can sit back and let SimplePin take care of the billing cycle and history for you and for your customers.

SimplePin keeps track of all incoming and outgoing payments, open and outstanding invoices, settlements and reconciliation.

Everything you need to know, can be viewed instantly on your phone, laptop, desktop or tablet. 

Our intuitive and user optimized dashboard make sure that you’re always the first to know.

For more information please contact us via toll-free phone 1 800 727-4136, web-form or simply create your free account with SimplePin today.