Simplepin attends RCCAQ tradeshow

The team behind Simplepin attended a large number of insurance trade fairs this year. We’ve been proudly showcasing our product to many and have been providing detailed insights into our advanced invoicing and billing solution. 
We are of the belief that it is only by listening to our partners and learning their needs daily, that we can improve and simplify our solutions.

One of the shows that we attended recently was the RCCAQ Convention, held annually in Montreal, Quebec. 
From the discussions and talks held, we garnered a great deal of useful information from our existing clientele and prospective partners.
Existing clients told us what they already liked about SimplePin and what they’d like to see in future releases. We were also able to explain in detail, to new partners and interested parties, how SimplePin is helping companies modernize their payment processing, not to mention that we also enable insurance brokers, agents and MGA’s to streamline their day to day operational activities by sending bills, invoices and automated reminders. 

Likewise, SimplePin improves the workflows for those involved with the billing and invoicing of customers, by providing a single payment solution, thus removing the need for any additional payment hardware (such as credit card processing machines, or POSs) and separate merchant accounts or call centres. 

Our payment solution, Simplepin, is available online, on any Mobile device; wherever you, or your customers are in the world.

Here were some of the main talking points from the RCCAQ convention:

  • A feature to add Honorary Fees to any invoices and bills which are sent was heavily requested (luckily SimplePin already offers this).
  • The ability to pay in instalments and allow customers to pay in 2, 3, 4, or more terms, would be hugely beneficial. (Again, Simplepin is able to do this)
  • Integration into Broker Management Systems was much requested. BMS’ such as: Keal Technology, Powerbroker and Applied Systems are sought after integrations.
  • Many brokers told us they would like to eliminate the use of hardware and credit card processing machinery in their offices.
  • Accepting Payments is expensive! This should be done cheaper, more effectively and without the additional hassle of going through the process of applying for a new Merchant Banking Account.
  • Customers want the ability to pay “on the go”. Over 60% of insurance policy holders use their smart devices (phones, tablets) to access the web. Insurance companies, brokers and agencies need to become “mobile ready” and increase online services; especially since the number of mobile users are greatly increasing every year.
  • New technology needs to be a) easy to implement b) easy to use and c) able to seamlessly integrate with your existing software. Out of the box know-how and expertise is required in order to ensure proper guidance and support for all those involved.
  • Better solutions than those currently being used are required, but only if those solutions are safe, secure and fully compliant with current rules and regulations. PCI Compliance and regulatory requirements concerning payments came as a surprise to many of the people with whom we spoke.
  • The ability to process a wide range of Payment Products would be hugely beneficial – Credit Cards, Debit Cards, EFT’s and Pre-Authorized Debit solutions, are all sought after payment products.

Tell us what you think. Do the items above resonate with your day to day requirements?

If you have any comments, or suggestions about any additional features that you’d like to see, please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know. We are here to help.

Simplepin has an unsurpassed in-house IT Development team, enabling us to build quickly and efficiently any and all new specifications and technological requirements.  

Our management is led by a team of payment experts with one thing in mind:  to make life easier and help your company grow.

Finally, our special thanks go out to the teams at RCCAQ, SNAP Financial, KEAL Technologies for their help and support. Thanks very much indeed to all.

If you would like to find out more about Simplepin, simply visit our website https://simplepin.com and sign up for a free account today. The Signup process should take no more than 5 minutes, after which you will be able to send invoices and receive regular payments.

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