How to schedule a one-time preauthorized payment invoice using SimplePin

Do you have a trusted relationship with a customer who already enabled preauthorization on an invoice? If so, you can also schedule one-time payment invoices to be paid automatically using the existing preauthorization feature.

This functionality comes in handy when the invoice billing period or the amount tends to fluctuate over time.

To schedule a one-time preauthorized invoice, follow the usual invoice creation process:

  • Select Customer
  • Set Invoice #, Date, Due Date, Period
  • Specify line items
  • Specify taxes
  • Specify transaction fees.

If the customer enabled a preauthorization option for their card or bank account, you'll be provided with a dropdown menu to select when the charge should occur.


  • Only one payment method is available at a time for preauthorized charges.
  • The customer can withdraw consent for preauthorized charges at any time. If this happens, no further charges will go through.
  • For credit card payments
    • If the customer’s credit card is expired, it won’t be available in the list.
    • You will not be able to set preauthorized payments after the expiration date of the card.
  • For bank account payments:
    • It's possible that the customer may not have sufficient funds in their account on the specific date the payment is scheduled, which could cause NSF issues.

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