SimplePin Selected by Ostiguy & Gendron Group to Power Their Payments Process

SimplePin, a Palm Beach- and Montréal-based FinTech company strategically designed for the insurance industry, today announces it has added Ostiguy & Gendron Group as a client.

MONTREAL, June 3, 2021 (Newswire.com) - SimplePin Inc. (SimplePin), a cloud-based payments infrastructure provider for the insurance industry, has been selected to automate Ostiguy & Gendron Group's digital payments process.

Like most insurance providers, Ostiguy & Gendron Group was offering an omni-payment channel to their clients for premium payment, which was clunky for customers and extremely tedious for the internal staff, with significant fees for online payment options.

"We are excited to work with SimplePin to help us reduce laborious and sometimes error-prone tasks of handling customer payments and posting back to our Applied Epic system," said Catherine Grenier, finance director at Ostiguy & Gendron Group. "The operational efficiencies, compliance, and IT support has been very helpful; not to mention the significant savings around processing payments that SimplePin will deliver. This opens us up to more customer-centric and revenue-generating tasks over back-office processes."

"We are delighted to welcome Ostiguy & Gendron Group to our growing list of customers looking to digitize their payment experience," said Metod Topolnik, CEO of SimplePin. "The insurance industry is rapidly undergoing a transition from traditional to digital to meet customer expectations and maintain profit margins. We are seeing a strong demand for our solution, as it eliminates operational friction, improves customer experience and significantly reduces costly fees."

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