IBAO 2018 Niagara conference takeaways

SimplePin attended the IBAO Convention 2018 at Niagara Falls 10 days ago.

We were honoured to share breakfast with our partners and tradeshow attendees on Thursday morning. Many interesting discussions were held during breakfast and the SimplePin team learned a lot about the challenges facing Insurance Agencies, Brokers and others involved in the insurance business today. SimplePin had many interesting discussions at IBAO 2018

The SimplePin sponsored breakfast was a great success and we thank those who attended!

SimplePin sponsored breakfast at IBAO 2018

Key takeaways from the show

  1. New Payment features are required – For example: The ability to pay in installments and allow customers to pay in 3, 4, or even more terms would be hugely beneficial.
  2. Customers want the ability to pay “on the go”. Over 60% of insurance policy holders use their smart devices (phones, tablets) to access the web. Insurance companies, brokers and agencies need to become “mobile ready” and increase online services; especially since the number of mobile users are greatly increasing every year.
  3. New technology needs to be a) easy to implement b) easy to use and c) able to seamlessly integrate with your existing software. Out of the box know-how and expertise is required in order to ensure proper guidance and support for all those involved.
  4. The Insurance Industry tells us that processing Credit Cards is expensive – too expensive. 
  5. Payment acceptance hits margins which are already tight. Better solutions are required, but only if those solutions are safe, secure and fully compliant with current rules and regulations.

SimplePin was built with the purpose of being the solution that the Insurance Industry needs. 
By being agile, having the ability to develop and build smart software quickly - SimplePin offers the solutions for the issues you face. 

The expert Payments and IT Developments teams at SimplePin, work diligently and meticulously to deliver the best invoicing, payment and billing platform. We pride ourselves on delivering what you need, when you need it; in a compliant, secure and up-to-date manner. SimplePin promo for  IBAO members.

With the additional information and insights you contributed at IBAO2018, we will improve and build 
upon a system, which already makes your work much easier.

If you have any additions to the things we’ve been told so far, please contact us and let us know!

Our special thanks go out to the teams at IBAO, Canadian Underwriter, SNAP FinancialKEAL Technologies and finally CAFO, for their help and support. Much appreciated, teams!

For more information please contact us via toll-free phone 1 800 727-4136, web-form or simply create your free account with SimplePin today.