Frictionless Insurance Payments.

Customer Interactions Begin with Payment. Make the Experience Great.

Benefits of SimplePin:


Optimized Integration

Premium User Experience

Automated Payment Posting to SOR

Top-Level Security: PCI DSS Level 1

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Fully Integrated Experience.
Happy Customers. Increased

Today, payments are clunky for customers and staff. They are expensive from merchant fees, to infrastructure, IT support and all the way to operational labor. SimplePin addresses and eliminates all this friction with premium experience design and simplified integration all at an effective cost

Before SimplePin
Manual Inputting of Check and Card Numbers
Clunky Payment Process for Internal Team & Customers
Mailed Checks or Online Portal
Delayed Visibility
Difficult Internal Operations to Update Payment Information
Risky Payments
Low Customer Satisfaction
High Operational and Processing Costs
After SimplePin
Automated Processing
One-Click Payments
Flexibility: 50+ Digital Payment Options Accepted
Real-Time Visibility
Simplified Integrations Designed to Communicate with your Accounting System
Highly Secure Payments
Increased Customer Satisfaction
Significantly Decreased Operational and Processing Costs


SimplePin integrates seamlessly through any process that works best for you and your team. With simplified or even customized options, the SimplePin team of experts can easily facilitate a smooth integration to your chosen platform at any level. Be fully up and running quickly and easily on any accounting system.


Utilizing our readily available, published API, you can easily integrate SimplePin into any platform for a more fully integrated payment experience.

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Pre-Built Connectors

Through effectively developed partnerships, the SimplePin team has pre-built connectors to the systems you already know and love.

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Customized Integration

For enterprise level operations requiring multiple connections, SimplePin’s experts are ready to build an integration to work seamlessly.

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Real-Time Posting of Payments

The SimplePin platform automates your invoicing and payments process to post back to your system of record to increase visibility and free up time for your team to dedicate back to more value-added responsibilities.

With direct integration to your accounts management system, we facilitate immediate posting to increase visibility.
For recurring invoices, you can easily set up automated reminders to go out through several channels like email or text message.
We maintain PCI DSS Level 1 security in order to facilitate the most secure operations for SimplePin clients and their customers.

Increase Your Bottomline Immediately!

Significantly reduce time and labor by eliminating manual processes in handling payments, deposits, posting, and reconciliation. This removes frustrations for customers and staff by streamlining operations.

Automate notifications and collection follow-ups to free your staff from sending reminders and harassing customers for outstanding payments, to optimize you DSO and yield on cash
Pass on or share expensive payment fees with your customers to save hard dollar costs and increase your bottom-line
Reduce the cost of sustaining multiple relationships with processing partners, as well as IT infrastructure and resources required to support the process and assure compliance
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Secure Transactions You Can Depend On

SimplePin’s payment engine is PCI DSS Level 1 certified, which is the highest certification level attainable and goes through a thorough external audit each year. We use powerful data encryption, tokenization, and top-notch security data vaults to protect all SimplePin's clients and end-user's sensitive data.

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Here’s What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say About SimplePin.

What you want is a positive experience. Implementing SimplePin, for our employees, has been a positive experience because they don’t have to touch everything so much. If we can do everything like paying agents and carriers digitally then it frees up their time to do other tasks, and it cuts down on errors.

Kim Walker
CEO, SMIC (in AmWINS Group)

SimplePin affords us the opportunity to be able to operate in the same competitive landscape, but better, in my opinion, because when you give the client the ability to control their money -how and when they want to make a payment -and you digitize that process for them, now we're operating as a financial product. This allows us more time to be experts in what we need to be, and that's definitely not collecting money. I don't know an insurance person out there who likes to be a bill collector. If we can move money around easily, it takes away that pain point in the transaction of insurance.

Karen Hoflin
Vice President Go Insurance